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Origin & Development of Honeycone Earcandles, alive and well since 1998.

As often happens in life the original impulse of Honeycone was a family need for relief from a malady of the ears. We bought what could be had in 1997 ~ expensive imported earcandles. After looking critically at the design and hearing how soothing the Candles were for the family member we thought to make our own. Research began thus in 1997.

To the amazement of all and after making trial of various shaped rods as moulds for the Candle itself we settled on the exact design still presented today, albeit much refinement has occurred during what is a generation of development.

We added a filter to our Candles in the early part of this century when we realized the cultural trend was to autonomous application of our Candles. This mean’t people had to have a physical barrier inside the Candle to prevent beeswax drops onto the outer ear, a disconcerting event more likely if self-application is followed rather than with an attendant helping.

Pure filtered local beeswax is used without any additions. Each Candle is hand-rolled onto the mould and then hand-dipped into the beeswax-pot, left to cool and presented for packing. Beeswax contains numerous useful elements and remains fragrant throughout it’s life once applied correctly. Candles need to be stored in clean dry conditions away from direct sunlight or artificial light for long term utility. There is no effective use-by date for our Candles if directions are met.

Why is Honeycone unique? Their handmade-making reflects the active consciousness of the artisan as with any well-made artefact. Handmade cannot be duplicated mechanically as there is no proof of machines having human level awareness. We feel what we do is worthwhile to people and this self-respect is present in our hands as we roll-cloth to mould to wax pot to cellophane packet to you.

Honeycone uses cellophane bags to pack our Candles in. Cello is derived from cellulose which comes by simple technology from plant-fibre. So long as plants & trees grow on this living Earth cellophane will be available. Renewed naturally and in perpetuity by Nature it is commonly used by florists to wrap flowers. We feel the work of our hands from the labour of the blessed bee also warrants such excellent presentation and ecological respect by Honeycone Earcandles :-))