About Karom

What, How & Why we do this work.
Our family-run business links two countries, Australia and Pakistan. At both locations a local family operates the salt business that delivers product to the Australian marketplace through Karom Himalayan Salt and to other European locations from time to time.

In Pakistan an extended family business supplies Karom’s specific requirements and is directly responsible to us for quality and consistency of salt product. At the Australian end Karom finances the importation of best available Himalayan Crystalsalt through the good agency of our Pakistan connexion.

What is unusual in this arrangement is the direct, personal relationship, now well established through 8-years close commercial co-operation. Gradually business confidence mutually grows and both parties flourish in their ability to provide for the two extended families at each end of the trade spectrum.

Through our direct trade relationship Karom has been able to guarantee our supplier receives correct remuneration for the work done, removing from the equation the class of English-language proficient traders located in the middle of every trade equation between these two countries. The Web connected the two families initially through the agency of an English-language literate daughter with vision to improve upon the status-quo and a personal drive and persistence to make it happen.

She has always been encouraged and supported in her work by a remarkable family network which has seen all her siblings as well as herself educated to tertiary degree level or equivalent, according to personal predilection.

Consequently during 3 extended visits to Pakistan by the Karom instigator a full development in understanding has been achieved. From mine-site to wholesale provider to artisan handling and production of the desired quality of goods the work has been done personally by the Karom founder.

Thus there is built an ongoing relationship between a content and well-paid artisan family in Pakistan and Karom itself, which has proven sustainable and enduring through the inevitable vicissitudes of commercial life. Surpassing with ease the well-intentioned ‘fair trade’ franchise we have been able to link-up the intentions and expectations of disparate entities to provision Australia with best available Himalayan Crystalsalt.

Karom is derived from the Karakoram, one of the several mountain chains within the greater Himalaya. This word is meant to convey a sense of the geographical region whence Himalayan salt is sourced.
However there are no salt mines in Altai Himalaya, rather the Salt Range is a discrete north-south oriented mountain range associated with the Western Himalaya Mountains that curve across the northern parts of Pakistan and Afghanistan